PFA Relinquishment

Guardian Arms is registered with the Pennsylvania State Police to accept your firearms, ammunition, and other weapons in compliance with Protection From Abuse relinquishment orders.  You could relinquish them at the police department; or you could have me handle it with dignity and respect.  Why subject yourself to the added scrutiny of the police and the run-around of which officer "handles that sort of thing"?  Just use the contact form to schedule an appointment and know that your firearms will be taken care of.

A flat fee of $20 is due at the time of service.  You will also be responsible to pay for the notarization of the paperwork needed to return to the Sheriff's Office after the relinquishment.  Notarization is done at Noble Street Notary in Kutztown and will immediately follow the completion of the paperwork.

You have the option of having your firearms sold on consignment, transferred to another party that is legally able to receive the transfer, or have your firearms stored for the duration of the PFA.  The following outlines each option:

1) Consignment Sale - Your firearms will be listed for sale on your behalf for fair market value.  A fee of 20% of the final sale price will be deducted and you will receive the remaining amount, less shipping fees if applicable.

2) Transfer to another party - Your firearms will be transferred to another party that is not a member of your household or to anyone who is prohibited from possessing a firearm under Federal or State Law.  Guardian Arms reserves the right to refuse to transfer firearms to any individual, for any reason, in accordance with Federal and State Laws.  The party receiving the transfer will be responsible for applicable transfer fees.

3) Store Firearms - Your firearms will be securely stored, on site, for the duration of the PFA.  You will be billed monthly for storage fees in accordance with the Fee Schedule posted below.  Failure to remit the monthly payment by the posted due date will result in forfeiting your claim to ownership of the firearms/weapons being entered into Guardian Arms' inventory for sale or other use.  Upon such time that the PFA is no longer valid, you must obtain a Firearm Release Request from the Sheriff's Office and schedule another appointment to retrieve your firearms/weapons.  On the date and time of your appointment, you must bring the Firearm Release Request form as well as pay the processing fees stated below.

If you do not wish to choose any of the above options, you may surrender your claim to ownership and the firearms will be entered into Guardian Arms' inventory for sale or other use.

Fee Schedule

Flat Fee due at time of Relinquishment - $20

Processing Fee at time of Return - $5 per firearm/weapon (no fee for ammunition)

Storage Fee - $20/month (whole fee applies to partial day(s) of month; fee covers all items up to five (5) weapons plus ammunition; $5 per weapon/month for each additional weapon)