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Policies & Procedures

I only ship firearms within the Continental United States of America.  If you are in Alaska, I apologize for that, but with our top hat being between you and me, it makes it a little painful to ship them to you.  The following states, in addition to the District of Columbia, shall receive exactly ZERO firearms from me, because you live in a state that would rather put you in jail than let you be free:


California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York


It is ultimately your responsibility to know what your local and state laws are in addition to federal laws.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is beyond my control.  It is, however, in your control to change your elected "leaders" and the laws.



Incoming FFL Transfers to Guardian Arms:


Please Review the Following Terms & Conditions Carefully before having any firearm shipped to Guardian Arms:

  • I accept ALL shipments from Buds Gun Shop.  You do not need to notify me prior to purchase.  They take care of that for you.

  • All incoming firearms, whether from a manufacturer, distributor, private seller, or another FFL dealer must be pre-approved.


  • When mystery guns arrive without instructions, it creates a logistical nightmare for ATF paperwork requirements.


  • Therefore, no firearm will be accepted that has not been pre-approved.


  • Please contact me prior to shipping the firearm to arrange the transfer.


  • Firearms that arrive without pre-approval will be refused.  The shipping company will then be instructed to return the firearm to sender.


  • All incoming transfers must have a detailed invoice enclosed in the packaging.  This provides a better tracking method to ensure all paperwork is done completely and correctly


  • Transfers from GunBroker, Cheaper Than Dirt, other dealers, etc. are acceptable, so long as you have contacted me to arrange the transfer.



Federal Law Dictates that you must be the one picking up the firearm.  In other words, you may not legally send anyone else in to pick up the firearm or fill out the paperwork on your behalf.



Guardian Arms is Not Responsible for damaged or missing items.  Please contact the seller/shipping carrier directly for all claims.



Outgoing FFL Transfers:


There is No Transfer Fee on any gun bought from Guardian Arms.  The only fee involved will be the actual cost of shipping the firearm to your local FFL.


Please Clear Every Transfer With Your Local FFL before purchasing a firearm online, ask for any fees and legal regulations that might be involved, then make sure you are eligible to own or possess the firearm.


If You Want Me to Ship Your Personal Firearm to somewhere else:

  • Another FFL for a private sale

  • A manufacturer for repairs

  • Another FFL for you to pick up later due to traveling


The cost will be the actual shipping rate plus a $20.00 processing fee.  Please note that shipping rates vary depending on the shipping company used and most require firearms be shipped 2nd Day Air or an equivalent with adult signature required.



General Information:



  • FFL (Federal Firearms License)- provides legal authorization for a dealer to engage in the intrastate & interstate sale of modern firearms.

  • PICS (Pennsylvania Instant Check System)- instant background check performed by the Pennsylvania State Police either over the phone or online.  Verifies eligibility to purchase or transfer firearms by checking both Pennsylvania and FBI records (CLEAN & NCIC)

  • "Straw- Man" Purchases- an illegal firearm purchase where the actual buyer of the gun, being unable to pass the required background check or desiring not to have his or her name associated with the transaction, uses a proxy buyer who can pass the required background check to purchase the firearm for him/her. It is illegal and punishable by a $250,000 fine and a mandatory 10 years in prison.


FFL Transfers Allow a Firearm to be legally bought or sold over the internet.  Contrary to the Brady Campaign and others, you MAY NOT purchase firearms and have them “mailed” directly to you.  The transfer must be done through an FFL.


  • While there are exceptions to the Gun Control Act of 1968, the person taking possession of the firearm is required to pass an FBI background check.


  • A Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms (LTCF) does not negate a PICS background check, nor does any other state’s equivalent of an LTCF, regardless of reciprocity agreements between Pennsylvania and other states.

  • A valid state-issued driver's license, military CAC, or passport are the only forms of identification that I accept.  I don't care what is otherwise acceptable or what your cousin's dad's friend told you.


  • In addition, other states and jurisdictions may have additional processing requirements such as state or local background checks, drug abuse/psychiatric history reviews , and/or mandatory firearms registration & licensing.


  • PICS is the only background check in Pennsylvania.  In addition to the standard ATF Form 4473 that is filled out for all transfers, the Pennsylvania State Police maintain a Record of Sale (SP 4-113) on all handgun transfers.


No Gun Registration or Licensing in Pennsylvania-

  • Once the PICS background check has been approved, you are clear to take possession of the firearm.


  • The PICS background check is not the same as registration, neither is the Record of Sale (SP 4-113) on handgun transfers.


  • The PICS background check simply confirms that you are not a prohibited person under 18 Pa.C.S.§ 6105(a), (b), or (c); as well as Federal Laws.


Most States Allow privately held firearms to be shipped directly to an FFL in another state for transfer.

  • A private individual in most states can legally ship their gun directly to an FFL in another state for legal transfer. 


  • Please consult all local, state and federal laws as well as the regulations of individual shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) before selling or shipping any firearm


Selected Jurisdictions Mandate all firearm transactions take place between FFL's.

  • Pennsylvania requires all handgun transfers between private parties (non-immediate family) be done through an FFL.


  • Some jurisdictions may prohibit individuals from shipping their firearm to an FFL in another state for final transfer. Therefore, the transaction must be FFL to FFL.


Face-To-Face Transfer Regulations in Pennsylvania

  • Guardian Arms will only transfer firearms face-to-face to eligible individuals.


  • "Eligible" purchasers are those individuals that successfully pass the PICS background check.


  • To be "eligible", the purchaser must be approved for the transfer of the firearm(s) by the PICS background check. 


  • Handguns may only be transferred face-to-face to a resident of Pennsylvania.


  • Rifles or shotguns may be sold or transferred face-to-face to an out-of-state resident, provided there are no restrictions against it.


  • Firearms will not be shipped to a home or business that is not an FFL. 


  • By federal law, all FFL transfers must take place in person and on the premises of the FFL dealer.


A Signed Copy of Your Transfer Dealer’s FFL is the only way for Guardian Arms to perform FFL transfers.

  • The FFL you bought the firearm from will send their license with the firearm.

  • The FFL I am shipping the firearm to must email me a copy of their license at before I can ship it to them, unless they have their license available for download on their website or I already have a copy of their license.


  • I do NOT use a fax machine.  This is the 21st Century, ffs.


Gun Transfers from Non- FFL’s- I absolutely DO NOT provide copies of my FFL to individuals, period.  Contrary to what the imbeciles that run state on their site, a non-licensee does NOT need a copy of the FFL that they are shipping to.  Those morons have been shown the actual regulations pertaining to this by hundreds of FFLs and the ATF, and they still refuse to clarify on their site.  If the private party you bought the firearm from insists that they need a copy of my FFL, please have them contact either me or their local ATF Field Office for clarification.  There is a chance that the individual you are buying from thinks they are a legal wizard and a know-it-all, and will argue endlessly that THEY know the law better than someone with an actual license from the BATFE.  Those people do not deserve your hard-earned cash, but hey, it's your money, use it when you need it.  They will not be getting a coy of my license, as per strong recommendation from the ATF Licensing Center in West Virginia.

  • To confirm that I have a valid FFL, please Click Here  to access the ATF's online FFL database. Then, enter the first 3 and the last 5 digits of my FFL (8-23-05558).


Straw Man Purchases- are illegal and will be refused by Guardian Arms.

  • The individual named on the invoice or transfer paperwork must be the person legally taking possession of the firearm.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Any person(s) making straw purchases will be prosecuted to the full extent of Federal, State, and Local laws, and the firearm(s) in question will be remanded to law enforcement for use as evidence.  In addition, Guardian Arms will pursue any and all criminal and civil judgment against the involved parties.


Please Make Sure that You Are Legally Eligible to own a firearm and are willing to fulfill all local, state and/or municipal requirements before buying a gun.  Keep in mind that when an FFL receives a firearm for transfer, it becomes that FFL’s property once it is logged-in to the books in accordance with ATF regulations.


If You Transfer A Firearm To Guardian Arms And You Do Not Pass the PICS Background Check:


  • You will be given a PICS Challenge Form packet.  You have 30 days to complete the packet in it's entirety and mail it in to the address listed in the packet.  The Pennsylvania State Police will then respond to your challenge with a reason why you were initially denied and whether the denial has been overturned or upheld


  • If your denial is upheld and the denial made final, you will not receive the firearm. You may attempt to make arrangements for the firearm to be returned to it's original transferor.  Guardian Arms cannot guarantee that the original transferor will accept the return.


  • If the original transferor refuses the return, the firearms will be placed into Guardian Arms' stock for sale.  You will not have any stake or claim in the sale or profits of the firearm.  When a firearm is transferred to an FFL, the firearm becomes the property of that FFL until it is able to be transferred to an eligible person.


  • If the original transferor accepts the return, you will be responsible for all aspects of the return (shipping costs, handling costs, return/restocking fees, etc.).


  • If the PICS denial is overturned and you are approved for the transfer, please contact Guardian Arms as soon as possible so that you can have the firearm transferred to you.

  • Guardian Arms will NOT transfer firearms face-to-face to another party at your request.  This is borderline Straw Man Purchasing and Guardian Arms reserves the right to refuse to transfer firearms to anyone, for any reason, at any time, as allowed by Federal and State laws and ATF regulations.

  • Consignment sale may be offered in the event that the original transferor refuses to accept the return.  In this case, a 30% fee will deducted from the final sale price, in addition to all costs associated with the transfer and shipping of the firearm.


Firearms That Remain Unclaimed/Not Transferred will be deemed abandoned after 60 days and will be placed into Guardian Arms’ stock for sale.  The intended transferee will not have any stake or claim in the sale or profits of the firearm.


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